Welcome to BJJ…

Learning from Professor Jack Magee

My introduction to BJJ…

On the first day of my new job (first role as a contractor) I was nervous. “Was I good enough?” “Do I deserve to be here?” “What if they think I’m rubbish?” “But I’m only on 2 weeks’ notice!” where just some of the thoughts motoring through my head, pretty normal, eh? 

Me in James’ Gi about to start my first Roll.

“You will be sitting here Luke, this is your new desk”… I looked around, a bank of 4 guys my roughly my age, Great! I thought, how hard can this be to make a good impression? I was sat next to James, I immediately recognised him from my interview, a man of VERY few words. “Alright.” he grunted with a nod of his head and then looked back at his screen. I read this as a conversation starter… I was to quickly find out he didn’t. I machine-gunned about 100 questions at him for the next 2 hours whilst I was getting set up on my machine, I could visibly see he was getting a little annoyed, but I didn’t want to stop. One of them turned out to be one that was to influence my life quite dramatically, and still does 6 months on…

So, “What do you like to do in your spare time then, mate?” I asked. “I fight.” He responded. I was getting used to his short answers by now… “WHAT!? What do you mean?” “I train Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and a bit of MMA”. Roughly 2 weeks later he managed me to twist my arm (I still to this day think this was just him wanting to punish me for doing his head in every day), I was on the mats as a complete martial arts novice, so far out of my depth I was drowning, but, being an ex rugby player… thinking I could smash anyone that walked through the door… oh what a fool I was…

I aim to post weekly about my journey so far in the BJJ world making it a mini series…

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