About us

The beginning – how we met

“The beginning of our relationship was an uphill battle to say the least!”

One Sunny day in June Two people walked past each other in the car park at work…

Dominika – Steady job, married in a fairly happy relationship for four years – walking towards her car to sit and listen to radio eating lunch.

Luke – IT Consultant working away from home, home-owner with his girlfriend of 3 years – walking back from his car having eaten lunch listening to the radio.

The Eyes met. Dominika would like to say the rest is history, and prehaps it was.

After speaking a few times at work in the breakout area, and going for lunch, we gradually moved on to spend time together outside of work. Both in committed relationships, both didn’t really know were things were going, but equally didn’t want it to stop.

Luke’s project was coming to an end, which meant he would be moving back home to the South within 2 months. Having already ended both our relationships, but hadn’t discussed our future yet, things were going to have to move pretty fast if it was to last.

Within 1 month, we had found a house to rent, organised a house move and were living together. practically strangers.

Within 6 months we had sold Luke’s house, Dominika was divorced and things were beginning to settle down.

I think it’s safe to say, the beginning of our relationship was an uphill battle to say the least!


Who needs sleep anyway!?

So the story continues on with few bumps in the road (major ones anyway) up until now, our bond has grown stronger and continues to do so every day.

Luke & Dom both work within 15 minutes drive from home, which gives us plenty of time to concentrate on each other, our amazing group of friends, and hobbies of ours.

I suppose one thing worth mentioning is that we have an addition to the family due in the summer. With both of us having pretty young parents ourselves, it has always been a dream to become young parents… Now with only single finger weeks left, emotions are running high, lists are running long and hospital bags overflowing, we’re juuuuuuust about ready for this little fella to bound into our lives and smash it to pieces! Who needs sleep anyway!?