Thoughts after pregnancy

The pregnancy time has come to an end, woohoo! Our little boy nicknamed Rono is now 7 weeks old and I have some thoughts to share.

  • Maternity wear – ever since getting my bump, I have been extremely disappointed with available maternity wear. I checked every available high street shop and the choice and styles were horrendous! Shopping online on the other hand resulted in many items being sent back. So VERY frustrating. Many of my friends keep wearing non-maternity clothes but in bigger sizes. This never worked for me because I like when everything fits really well and bigger sizes meant that I could fit my bump, but everywhere else was too loose.
  • Limitations – I felt quite restricted in activities I could do whilst being pregnant. Many people told me that ‘it’s for the right reason’ or ‘it’s all worth it’, but I struggled to think that far ahead. I feel that there’s nothing wrong in saying that hey, we are still the same people we were before the pregnancy, therefore some of us were really used to being active/independent etc. You can’t deny that 9 months can feel like a lot longer while you’re pregnant!
  • Bump – while still feeling like this whole thing was unreal, I found it really strange to have a big bump and when the baby started moving the most, which was after the 34th week, altogether with the heaviness I felt very grumpy and body conscious. I started to worry about how my body is going to recover from everything, thinking that even though I am going to be a mum, I will still be me when this is finished and the baby is born.
  • Life with the baby – funnily enough, I haven’t thought about this for once! Apart from having a feeling that we will just be okay, I didn’t really think how we’re going to have to adjust or worry about things like sleepless nights! I felt very positive and it was quite a surprise to deal with for the first two or three weeks.
  • Contractions – it’s true what they say… you forget all the pain. I know that I thought to myself how awful it felt but can’t remind myself what the pain was like. Nature is incredible, I am sure it’s like that on purpose!

After giving birth, all my worries were gone. Everything was wiped off and I was fully focused on the baby and absolutely in love. It was amazing how my emotions and feelings were different and how suddenly I didn’t really care what is going to happen to my belly afterwards. Never ever in my whole life could I imagine what the labour is like and how much love I am going to feel in that room.

In the end I want to say that this whole ‘independence’ and ‘I am still my own person’ is now turning into ‘I don’t want to leave my baby alone’ and ‘one more picture’ 🙂